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Album Review: What Would Jesus Drive - Fragile Mansions EP

There’s an almost strategic familiarity to this EP. A spunky, electric affair, filled with youthful energy and rebellious jibes, its heavily accented vocals slot it firmly into a tried and tested formula of just-left-of-the-edge indie rock that comes with a pre-packaged audience, for whom this should be a delight. Yet, for something that sounds – to my ears – quite simplistic and straightforward, its undemanding, colourful patterns are quite enjoyable. There’s a nice reckless enthusiasm to What Would Jesus Drive, a kind of feverish affection for what they do, that shines through every alluring shade of the ‘Fragile Mansions’ EP.

The title track is slick and invigorating, and ‘Dirty Old Week’ a rhythmic, acerbic anthem with a compulsive beat intent on keeping you on your feet. There are dual vocals, each as animated as the other, and tightly delivered guitar strikes redolent of the 80s’ understated, perky style.

‘Watching Girls Fighting’ is slightly darker, with an impressive guitar zeal throughout and a cutting bass line. It’s not stupendous, but it is darned effective – catchy, pumped, and enlivening. ‘Victory’ is a standout. Its shrill female vocals cut a delightfully airy contrast with the earthy bass line, thriving on the simplicity of its set up and structure. It lends a touch of class and glamour to the EP, sealing it with a fully-plumped pout.

These four songs demonstrate a flair and vision not often seen within the indie genre, and have much to recommend them. They’re stimulating, fun-loving affairs in which each individual strand finds a way to shine alone, yet add something indelible to a sparkling ensemble. What Would Jesus Drive are cheeky and alive, a fine pick-me-up in the morning, and a refreshing option on a well-worn palette.


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Words by Grace Duffy

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