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Exclusive Tour Blog: Starters (Day 15 - 19)

With their Alter The Press-sponsored UK and European tour with Such Gold now finished, Ireland's Starters have given us an exclusive update of events that took place during the final days of the tour.

March 6th - Basingstoke
Back in the UK. The show tonight had such an awesome line up. Daylight, Hostage Calm, Basement, Such Gold, Starters and a few local bands. Our fill in drummer Bob had to go home for exams, so we decided to finish up the tour playing acoustic. Well until Dublin at least. The show was decently attended and I loved every band. It was great to see Daylight and Hostage Calm for the first time. We filmed some stuff for Alter The Press and it was cool. After the show O rock found a hot dog suit and shit was lost.

March 7th - Plymouth
The White Rabbit. Nice venue. Its weirdly located in a bus station. 2nd night acoustic. Tonight we played 4 starters songs, Ciaran played one of his songs and because it was Ben from Such Golds Birthday I played him a Taylor Swift cover. A few friends that we had met earlier in the tour came out again tonight so that was cool. We got awesome hotdogs and played some football before the show. Such Gold killed it tonight. One of my favourite nights of tour.

March 8th - Kingston (again)
The dude in Northampton bailed on the show last minute. Adrian from City Of Gold was putting on Bearings and Directions. Bummed about the show being cancelled but so stoked to see Bearings and Directions. Both such great bands and they both killed it tonight. The show was sweet. Not so many people but I got to hang with lots of friends so it ruled.

March 10th - Dublin
Back home. Fibbers. Such a great night. We had a day off in Dublin so we just hung at my house and had a good time. The show itself was awesome. Such a great turnout. Some of my favourite local bands played so it was a great time. Catching up with friends was also cool. We play full band tonight. Proper line up. It felt good. One of my favourite Dublin shows for sure! Such Gold were so great tonight.
After the show we all hung at the club until it closed at 3am.

March 11th - Galway
Such Gold didn't bring their van to Ireland so they were riding in ours with Anthony driving. The rest of us rode the bus to Galway. It only took 2 and a half hours which was cool. We arrived at the venue at 6 and the other dudes were there so we got some drinks and toffee pops. The show wasn't starting till 10 so I watched a traditional Irish band down stairs to pass the time. The show itself was decent. The opening band was not to my taste but Morning Lights were sweet. Lots of potential. After the show we caught te bus back to Dublin and I was in bed by 5am. The next day abunch of us hung and a few dudes got tattooed. It was a good time. Nice way to end tour. Thanks for asking us to do this. I had fun writing it.

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