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Inhale Exhale Leave Solid State Records

Inhale Exhale have announced they have left Solid State Records.

Statement from the band:

"Hello all, we are an independent artist now and have decided to release a 6 song EP for you guys on our own. We have no backing from a label, or investor. Just YOU, the fans! The industry is changing and we have been compelled by the Inhale Exhale fans to release another album. If you want to hear it, help us out and support us! We want to keep writing music for you. And it's down to being us and you doing this. The Industry is in the hole for most artists right now. On the business side and artist side people are frantic on what to do and how to keep up with the changing of media as a whole. Unfortunately the artist suffer the most. Trust is something that is commonly broken in music now more than ever. We are not a wealthy group of guys making killer money doing this. Therefore we have had to re think our situation and where we want to go from here. All we know is that we appreciate and love ALL OF YOU for your continuing support of Inhale Exhale and letting us share our hearts and music with you. So you are now a bigger part in this more then ever. Anything you can give is a big help to us. It helps pay towards our bills/debt that suffer while we've tried to pursue this and tour and produce records. Spread the word and THANK YOU in advance. TO DONATE GO TO OUR FACEBOOK PAGE AND ON THE LEFT YOU WILL SEE OUR DONATE APP WITH A LINK!"

Alter The Press!