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My Chemical Romance to Release Scrapped Material?

According to this interview, My Chemical Romance may release a possible unreleased 28 songs at some point in the future. The scrapped material was recorded before their current album, 'Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys' but the band scrapped the material.

Frank Iero said the following:

"Just last week I started playing on one of the computers backstage and some of the tracks which we had on the last attempt at the record were on it and we were humming them back and forth and thinking they were really good. At some point it would be nice for some of them to see the light of day but there is no plan for that at the moment.

Right now they are just for us but I actually did have this idea when we were making the record. I said ‘I have this great idea that we should record two records and release one and put the other away in the vault so when the band breaks up so it would be the last MCR record ever."

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