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New What Hands Are For EP Details

What Hands Are For will release their new EP, '...Please Believe Me' on March 29th through Anchor Eighty Four Records.

1. We Love The Knife Light
2. Deer Country!
3. Me Myself and My Terms
4. Push Waves
5. Not Yet...Ok Go
6. I Think We've Said Enough (digital download ONLY)
7. Media. My Machine (digital download ONLY)

- 250 Seafoam Green / 150 White / 100 Clear with Seafoam & White Splatter
- All LPs come with a Download Card (all 5 songs + 2 Bonus songs)

- iTunes (5 songs only)
- Bandcamp (all 5 songs + 2 Bonus songs)

'...Please Believe Me' can be pre-ordered here.

A new song called 'Push Waves' can be heard below.

Alter The Press!