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Album Review: Blackguard - Firefight

Blackguard’s ‘Firefight’ is metal and as epic as it comes, though contrary to what many people may tell you, this leans closer to power metal than it does folk, or really anything else for that matter. Hell, Viking, folk, power, black, however you look at it, Blackguard’s ‘Firefight’ should be thought of as nothing short of epic.

‘Firefight’ is a thoroughly well-produced effort, one full of a combination of impressive, marathon-like leads, galloping drum work, soaring choruses and furious vocal work, all delivered with furious aplomb, that constitutes Blackguard’s signature sound, though on the whole ‘Firefight’ shows a pretty good amount of Children of Bodom worship, which could be construed as both a good and bad thing, depending on the way you look at it.

Throughout the album there are elements of thrash, speed and mostly power metal, though for the most part those genre fundamentals are amassed in one glorious metal moment after another (‘Firefight,’ ‘Farewell,’ ‘Cruel Hands’). The band doesn’t just do things fast (since this isn’t an Impellitteri album); they also do things heavy, as evidenced by the face-melting heft of ‘The Fear of All Flesh.’ ‘Firefight’ is less a track meet and more a mounting tidal wave of sound that builds and crashes with each new song, but even that can’t save some of these songs from being mediocre.

‘Firefight’ is an album that could just as easily lead warriors onto the battlefield and, you know; incite a robust mosh pit at your local venue, or hell, you’re bedroom right now.


'Firefight' by Blackguard is out now through Victory Records.

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Brian Campbell

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