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Album Review: Born of Osiris - The Discovery

It’s not every day that I am stunned by an album that not only is technically perfect and heavy but also shows signs of great musicianship. Born of Osiris latest release ‘The Discovery’ is one discovery that I did not think I would find, beautifully melodic and brutal at the same time it is a great album.

With many metal bands out there at the moment sounding pretty similar to each other a band needs to stand out somehow, Illinois sextet Born of Osiris definitely stand out with this album. Songs like ‘Singularity’ and ‘Dissimulation’ are heavy but also melodic at the same time, solos mid way through the song that are as catchy but fluent really set the songs apart from the rest of the album.

‘Recreate’ is brutal but also melodic at the same time it not only has chugging guitar riffs but the standout lead guitar harmony only 30 seconds into the song will make you go back to hear it again, it is truly mesmeric. With visceral dual vocals thrown into the mix of the songs as well it shows that thought has gone into the song to make it all blend and work together.

The other standout feature of the album is that the band have utilised keys not only for the background esque grandeur of the songs but also for some lead parts, ‘Ascension’ and ‘Automatic Motion’ are two prime examples of this. Interwoven with the guitars and pounding drums the keys cleverly sit perfectly in both songs to give the album a new standout element.

Slow and atmospheric interludes, ‘A Solution’ and ‘The Omniscient’ are great interludes that are perfect to give you a break between the brutal songs that usually ensue the album. ‘XIV’ a slow acoustic sounding song layered with electronics and a guitar solo leads you into the final aural assault that is the track ‘Behold’.

Born of Osiris have created an album that is so clever, technically it is perfect and I can’t find one single flaw within any of the songs. The song writing on this album has been thought out meticulously and it pays off very well. ‘The Discovery’ I can assure you will be one discovery you will be impressed with and one you will be glad to have found.


‘The Discovery’ by Born of Osiris is out now on Sumerian Records.

Born of Osiris on MySpace, Facebook and Twitter.

Aaron Wilson.

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