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Album Review: Dolphins, Blacklisters, Castrovalva and Hawk Eyes - Brew Records/Dance To The Radio Split 10"

This collaborative vinyl release from influential Northern labels Dance To The Radio and Brew Records brings together a varied bunch of bands in celebration of Record Store Day 2011… and, of course the upcoming Royal Wedding.

One thing it’s certainly not is dull and with each of the artists bringing a very different sound to the table there is a little something on here for the most discerning rock aficionado.

Dolphin’s ‘Escape’ is stripped-down, furious hymn to rock and roll while Blacklisters manage to make Kasabian’s ‘Club Foot’ their own with a seething but surprisingly funky treatment that bears little resemblance to the original.

Castrovalva’s ‘Senorita’ is a compellingly mad slice of ‘noise-hop’ that serves as an excellent accompaniment to stand-out final track Hawk Eyes’ ‘Yes, Have Some’ which is positively alive with raucous energy and invention.

None of the tracks here are polished, but in the individuality and lack of adherence to any populist sound or genre there is great sincerity. More than anything else it’s short, loud and fun.


'Brew Records/Dance To The Radio Split 10”' by Dolphins/Blacklisters/Castrovalva/Hawk Eyes will be on general release from April 25th through Brew Records/Dance to the Radio.

Blaclisters on Bandcamp and MySpace.

Dolphins on Bandcamp.

Hawk Eyes on Bandcamp and MySpace.

Castrovalva on Bandcamp and MySpace.

Nick Worpole

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