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Album Review: I Call Fives/Rust Belt Lights - Split

Well that was brief wasn't it? (For our non-UK readers, the sun made an appearance on our shores this week, and, as is coded in our DNA, we all got a bit too excited.) And whilst we may have to wait a little longer for summer to officially arrive (June 21st is the official date, count the days.) I Call Fives and Rust Belt Lights are doing their absolute pop-punking best to banish those winter blues with a refreshingly positive and upbeat split 7".

Coming off the back of 2010's well received EP 'Bad Advice', I Call Fives are going someway to making their mark on a pop-punk scene experiencing something of revival. Kicking things off with an infectious, New Found Glory-esque tone, 'Too Much To Lose' is the epitome of the jump-up-and-down sensibilities of the genre, and begs to be performed in it's purest live form, sweaty screaming teenagers n'all.

'For The Best' is a joyous concoction of sickly sweet lyrics, jet-fueled guitars and a pounding drums that would put a certain Phil Collins impersonating gorilla to shame, and caps off a fine two track offering from the New Jersey 5-piece.

Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Rust Belt lights bring a sound intent on representing their small town American upbringing. With an ethos of hard work, and a genuine nature so common with pop-punk's up and comers, their two tracks are relentless and powerfully driven. 'With No Hesitation' is a breathless number, front man Zach Dietsch's sand paper vocals giving their sound a rough-around-the-edges feel that definitely leans in it's favour. 'Haters Get Hated' is a minute and a half of outrageously frank life commentary, an abrupt finish only serving to increase the song's effect.

The best thing about splits such as these is that they're they don't overpower. They give you a short, sharp idea of what the band(s) are about without forcing it down your throat. You either like it, or you don't. And I imagine the general reaction to this will be the former.


'Split' by I Call Fives/Rust Belt Lights is available now on Broken Rim Records.

I Call Fives on MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook.

Rust Belt Lights on MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook.

Liam McGarry

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