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Album Review: The King Blues - Punk & Poetry

Since their (semi-)breakthrough hit with 'Save The Word (Get The Girl)', The King Blues have lost a few members and seemed to gain some at the same time, nevertheless as 'Punk & Poetry' shows the bands origins are still firmly in tact. These origins being made up of ska, punk, reggae and folk as well as being politically motivated.

The bands anti-Government is instantly shown with 'We Are Fucking Angry' with frontman Itch stating “Cut the bankers, cut the MP's, Cut the rich and the riot police, Cut the state and cut the war, But they cut the poor.” As expected the band are musically aggressive (something that isn't often seen by The King Blues.)

Going into 'Set The World On Fire', a bright, upbeat number with a favourable, simple chorus that highlights the bands more poppier side. 'I Want You' and 'Headbutt' also shows the bands energetic side, that sees the band freeing themselves of their political message and allowing the listener just to have some fun.

'The Future's Not What It Used To Be' wallows in a steady reggae stance with echoing horns eventually giving away to a crazy drum and bass(-like) section. Whilst tracks like 'Sex Education' and '5 Bottles Of Shampoo' come and go despite their important lyrical message; the latter being about female discrimination.

'Shooting Fascists' is a short, sweet, ukulele-led moment that is more of an interlude that an actual track. Whilst 'Does Anybody Care About Us' is structurally strong and shows the bands song-writing ability, as does 'Everything Happens For A Reason'; showing the bands slightly more touching approach with a complimentary keyboards adding to retrospective direction. It brings about a nice conclusion to a record that at times abrupt, as well at times lyrically thoughtful. 'Punk and Poetry' is ultimately a step forward in the right direction and one that is logical.


'Punk & Poetry' by The King Blues is out now on Transmission Recordings

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