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Album Review: Oliver Trolley - Circles

With a pop-punk revival firmly under way in the US, the southern Californian quintet Oliver Trolley aim to make their mark with their debut EP ‘Circles.’

The album opens with ‘Livin’ My Life’; its mix of easy listening grooves and electronic synthesiser give it that archetypal pop sound, whilst remaining fresh and catchy. The only problem I’d say is that the track doesn’t really pack a big punch as an opener, and comparatively, isn’t really that memorable.

Luckily, the rest of the EP picks up on what the first track misses and proves to be a great listen. ‘Maybe I Could Tell’ and the title track ‘Circles’ have an edge that make them really stand out. With a sound that echoes the likes of Jacks Mannequin, All American Rejects and Motion City Soundtrack etc, the sheer quality of the songwriting and sound give you the impression that they’ve been doing this for years.

That energy and pace is carried on with ‘Gettin’ Loud’ until the EP reaches a track that is similar to the first. With ‘Face To Face’ you’re once again treated to that great pop-esque sound, but the repetition of the music and the overbearing synthesiser means you don’t really connect with it as much as the others.

The EP ends with a remarkably upbeat slow-song called ‘Way Too Fast’. The seemingly cheery music (whistles and all) is however a stark contrast to the lyrics, which appear to reflect on a past relationship, so you don’t necessarily get what you’d expect, but it’s a fitting ending nonetheless.

What started off as a little basement project between a couple of friends has very quickly turned into a clean cut, well produced release; in fact, ‘Circles’ is so well put together, it’s hard to believe it’s the bands’ debut! This great collection of 3 minute long pop songs are sure to get Oliver Trolley the attention they deserve.


‘Circles’ by Oliver Trolley is available now through Gas Can Music.

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Sandeep Dawett

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