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Album Review: Sky Harbour - Togetheralone

Awakeasleep. Happysad. Togetheralone. Sadly for Sky Harbour, oxymoron album titles are never a good idea. In fact, the words of 'Togetheralone' are probably its biggest weakness, rather too heavy on cliché and clumsily expressed sentiment. 'Awkwark', a song about unrequited love with a lady of the night is just that: a bit awkward. Similarly, talking about baring [sic] ‘the scars of winter ’78’ when you weren’t alive at the time is somewhat inadvisable, as in 'Days of Disenchantment'. It’s all very earnest and well meant but misses the mark.

Happily, things are a more engaging in the music department. It’s still a touch hackneyed but will get feet tapping and though the bookending tracks 'Make Like Ghosts' and 'Neck Deep# are Young Guns-lite slices of radio-friendly diet-metal, however they are still decent tunes.

The aforementioned 'Awkward' has a roomy chorus melody that strives towards the epic and does a pretty good job but it’s the most musically varied songs on the record that are the most satisfying. 'Transparent' has an Ash-esque alt rock vibe to its unashamedly singalong chorus and 'Best and Worst Decision' flows well thanks to storming riff and a cracking post-chorus hook.

'Togetheralone' is not a bad EP, just a little too often derivative. Despite this, it’s easy to find positives. There are some good chunky riffs with compelling melodies to match and it hints of more to come. A decent effort from a young band who, if they can refine their lyrics and strive to really find their own musical voice, might do well.


'Togetheralone' by Sky Harbour is available now

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Nick Worpole

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