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Album Review: Twin Atlantic - Free

For some this full-length from the Scottish rockers have long overdue. Since releasing 'Vivarium' towards the end of 2009, the band have combing their time with touring and recording this record, 'Free'. Its a record that ultimately extends the bands longevity and overall appeal.

Although the opener, 'Edit Me' is somewhat sub-par the driving guitars and if you're familiar with Twin Atlantic you know what you're getting. 'Time For You To Stand Up' brings the album alive with Sam McTrusty's strong Scottish tongue taking centre stage during the soaring chorus. Whilst 'Apocalyptic Renegade' keeps up the momentum, as producer Gil Norton's work has added a large, arena-size feel to the bands sound.

In a similar fashion the title track, 'Free' is powerful and slightly overwhelming as it shows the band have lived up to any potential they had. Whereas tracks like 'Crash Land' and 'Serious Underground Dance Vibes' show the bands ability to produce intimate, softer moments with the latter being an instrumental tack that builds up to a enthralling conclusion that helplessly draws you in.

Although 'Free' leans heavily on the straight up rock side, there are moments where the band are capable of showing their pop sensibilities; 'Dreamember' is a bouncy, energetic number and 'Eight Days' hints at the bands more “mainstream rock” approach.

We can't end this review without mentioning, 'The Ghost Of Eddie' are hard-hittng, onslaught of powerful rock that shows the bands aggressive capabilities. Whilst the final track, 'We Want Better, Man.' sees the band combining their loose rock style with their softer, atmospheric side thus bringing a satisfying conclusion to a record that lives up to expectations.

Much like its title track, 'Free' proves to be consistent and lives off the bands decision to be themselves and not fall into any comparison; not even Biffy Clyro ones. It manages to exceed expectations but at the same time reminds listeners where the band have come from musically, as Twin Atlantic have progressed and developed into a great rock band that will continue to push more doors open for themselves.


'Free' by Twin Atlantic is released on May 2nd through Red Bull Records.

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Words by Sean Reid

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