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Album Review: We Are The Ocean - Go Now and Live

After spending the last 12 months touring the UK and Europe with their debut full-length, 'Cutting Our Teeth', We Are The Ocean have gradually established themselves as one of main up and coming bands in the UK and their lengthy time on the road has led them to becoming a more rounded band. An attribute that has influenced its follow up, 'Go Now and Live' .

From the offset there is a notable progression as 'Trouble Is Temporary, Time Is Tonic' is a fiery, fast opener that is filled with adrenaline and energy. Whilst the bands post-hardcore approach is still in tact, its clear the bands have crafted the use of melodies, something that is especially shown by the two singles, 'What It Feels Like' and 'The Waiting Room'. The former notably sees Dan Brown and Liam Cromby's vocals intertwine with each other, whilst the bands steady, approachable rock supports the favourable, laid back chorus.

'Runaway' in some ways is a departure for the band; beginning with easy going, simple build up the bands radiant, fresh approach gives away to a favourable duel-chorus where both vocalists are on par and the band as a whole live up to their potential.

Elsewhere tracks like 'Godspeed' and 'Overtime Is A Crime' sees the band blending their (old) heavier side with their new found confidence that concludes with positive energy. Both are straight to the point and demands your full attention.

'Now And Then' is one of several highlights and sees the band continue their progression towards becoming a (slightly) more accessible band; bright guitar lines complimenting Cromby's sincere vocals whilst the bands overall structure is somewhat overwhelming. On top of that 'Follow What You Need' leads on nicely before closing with 'Before I Die', where once again the bands passion and energy comes out on top, as WATO show why they've been getting so much attention (including BBC Radio One) with sensible structures and an overall layered sound.

On the whole, 'Go Now and Live' sees We Are The Ocean move away from their “screamo” post-hardcore environment and towards a well-tuned alt-rock band that is structured, melodic and is bound to see their stature rise furthermore. After working relentlessly for so long, We Are The Ocean are now ready for greater things.


'Go Now and Live' by We Are The Ocean is released on April 25th through Hassle Records.

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Words by Sean Reid

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