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Cartel Bassist Leaves Band

Bassist, Jeff Lett has left Cartel.

The band has made the following statement:

"So, by now you may or may not have heard about Jeff leaving Cartel to finish school...and it's true. We've known about this for about a year and were just waiting to see how it all panned out. Everyone always says when a band member leaves that it's "amicable" and wish "nothing but the best" for the departing member so I'll follow that cliche but with the most honest intentions there. We're all still buds and watch games and all that with each other. We're getting older and people have to do what's best for them. All good. We are playing these shows in April as a four piece and will continue as such unless we do something that requires another hand on stage. With all that being said, we DO plan on recording an EP sometime in the summer but have nothing set in place at the moment. We'll also be doing a tour at some point in time after that. With Jeff leaving and the state of the industry at the moment, it's given us greater impetus to be more involved with interaction with the fans and to keep everyone updated on what's going on more often. Sorry for the silence. Thanks to everyone who's come out to the few shows we've played so far and we look forward to this year and everything it holds for us individually and as Cartel. One Love y'all!"

Alter The Press!