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Emarosa Pull Out of Bamboozle

Emarosa have pulled out of this weekeneds Bamboozle Festival.

The band posted the following message:

"We are sorry to inform anyone who was hoping to see us at Bamboozle this year, that we will not be playing. We were very fortunate to be added to the line-up and to be a part of the festival in the first place; playing Bamboozle has been something we’ve always wanted to do. In light of recent events, we all think it’s in our best interest to stay home. We have begun to write new songs, and we’re all extremely excited about our progress. I don’t want anyone to think that this is just a matter of us being unprepared, we initially blocked off time to practice for Bamboozle specifically. What started as basic rehearsals, turned into writing sessions that have only progressed more and more. I can personally say I think it’s going much better than any of us had anticipated.

We never want to disappoint anyone, and by not playing it’s inevitable that we will upset some of our fans. But this band is growing, and we’d rather have something new to show everyone. We’re sad we won’t be seeing many friends and familiar faces this weekend; it’s bound to be an incredible time. I hope you all understand, and know that we are very excited for the future.
- Lukas / Emarosa"

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