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Exclusive Tour Blog: Who's Driving? Bear's Driving! (Part One)

As part of our series of exclusive blogs, Essex's Who's Driving? Bear's Driving! will be blogging regularly during their current UK tour with Underline The Sky.

The first tour blog sees the band kicking off the tour in Ipswich.

Day One - The Steamboat, Ipswich

"Only one thing worst than starting a tour on an awful show, and that's starting the tour on a show so good that the rest of the tour is going to struggle to compete. Last night was definitely the second one. On our first night on the road we wracked up 100 miles and played to a crowd sold over the legal capacity.

But let's re-wind a bit further back, back to Essex, back to the bears being together for only about 10 minutes before someone lost the keys to the van. Once that was all sorted we hit the road and turned up 20 minutes (in traditional style) to our first show. By the time we got there the place was almost at capacity and the doors weren't even officially open. We got to play with a couple of great opening acts then it was our turn. The crowd were insane, never did we expect the first show to have crowd surfing and a crowd so rammed that Scott could barely even move on the stage.

Underline the Sky then came on afterwards and played an absolutely banging set, the crowd which was amazing for us gave their hometown crowd the type of reception you would expect and they deserved every second of it. We had a couple of technical hitches, as you would expect, but the night in general was amazing.

UTS then went back to their beds and we decide the try and take some time off of the 5 and a half hour drive to Lancaster. Slowly one by one band members started falling asleep, luckily I (Aj) stayed awake as I was driving. We got about an hour and a half into it and decided to setup camp in Cambridge. Luckily for us one of my best friends Daz had been out drinking and for some reason thought it would be a good idea to have the band stay in his living room, drink his alcohol and steal his pizza that he had just bought.

There were no complaints for us.

Now we're up at 7am and off to Tescos to start Day 2 of the tour!


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