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Exclusive Tour Blog: Who's Driving? Bear's Driving! (Part Two)

Who's Driving? Bear's Driving! have checked in with their second exclusive tour blog. The band are currently on a UK tour with Underline The Sky.

The latest update sees the band breaking down on M6 on the way to their second show in Lancaster

Day Two - Yorkshire House, Lancaster

We arrived in Lancaster after breaking down two times along the side of the M6, apparently the filter on the van is meant to stay on and not fall off while driving who would of thought it!

We’ve never ever been this far north, so my opinion of the north was based by other bands experiences, we have to say it was amazing. We played The Yorkshire House and it was an awesome setup, the guys were super sweet. What topped it all of for us was as we started was kids who were singing the words back at us. Six and a half hours away from home and people knew the words let alone even knew who we were.

We left the venue on a massive high with Underline The Sky. Now this is were the story turns a little sour while travelling up to Blackpool for our day off we pulled into a garage to fill up, when we noticed that the van was leaking fuel now this wasn’t just a little fuel, it was every single penny of fuel that we had just put in around about 80 pounds worth of fuel. We gave up on trying to fix it and took it on ourselves to ring the RAC, who picked us up and took us to this village in the middle of no where called ‘New Holly’ now only thing it was Sunday at 2am, so we had to spend the day there and live in the garage which wasn’t so bad when we woke up the next morning.

Day Three - Day Off

Turns out New Holly has quite a nice pub in it, so we were able to get up go get a breakfast and meet all the locals, turns out that they were all Liverpool fans this wouldn’t have been an issue except they were against Arsenal and Billy is a gooner.

Other than that we stayed quiet and enjoyed the weather, we was closely followed by UTS who arrived in the afternoon for a spot of Brunch (I realise that brunch is in-between breakfast and lunch as Scott has so kindly put it, but I feel I don't care and it was brunch nonetheless) and football. We lost.

So now we are enjoying the sun and watching some movies in the van waiting for tomorrow to get the van sorted fingers crossed it will be sorted by the Derby show.

Peace Out.

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