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Final Round... FIGHT! Announce Break Up

Final Round...FIGHT! have announced they are breaking up.

The band posted the following message:

"Tonight we mutually decided to close the book on the band that’s been a pretty big part of our lives for the last three and a half years.

There’s no bad blood and we’re all really good friends, but Ash’s wrist has been in decline for a long time now to the point where he is having to give up playing drums. We could look for a new drummer but being the same line up since almost day one it just wouldn’t be the same. Tonight for old times sake we played every single song we ever wrote as a band.

Obviously we’re not just going to end it with this farewell message, we will be playing one last hometown show with some old friends and hopefully doing a final recording to give away for free as a thank you.

We’d like to thank everyone who we’ve played with, put us on or gave us a place to crash, bought stuff with our name on or even just given us the time of day.

Generic ‘our band just split up’ free download of our discography and cheap as fuck merch sale will commence tomorrow.

See you on the other side…"

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