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RX Bandits To Split After Final Summer Tour

RX Bandits have announced they will be splitting up after a final tour this summer.

The band released the following statement:

"It is with an incredible sadness that I relay this news. The band that started it all for me and who were so instrumental in the creation of what has now become Sargent House. The one, the only, the great loves of my musical life, RX Bandits have decided that this Summer’s US tour will be their last together. It is so hard for me to fathom that it I will not be able to witness one of the most incredible live bands I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing beyond these final shows. Just typing this is so hard, my emotions are so intense, no words could express what this band means to me and how much I have loved them. I feel immensely honored to have been part of their lives and to have witnessed first hand what they have achieved.

Below is the statement from the band themselves, which is short, not out of disrespect or care but I think more from being at a loss for words in how to explain to fans so dear and so loving that they are simply closing an incredible chapter in all their lives, and that they are okay with it. It is just too hard to sum up any other way then to simply say thank you. RX Bandits, you are truly one of a kind.

“Dear friends,
We would like to express our love and appreciation for all that you’ve done for us and how much a part of our growth you have been. We have all mutually decided that this summer will be our last tour. We love each other and love you all and hope to see you at the shows.”

Much love & respect,

Rx Bandits"

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