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Album Review: Man Overboard - The Human Highlight Reel

Following the success of their debut album, 'Real Talk' and the anticipation for their upcoming second record, Man Overboard have put out a release, that will be described as less of an album but more of a compilation, a compilation that seems like a thank you to their fans for their support while giving them a taste of things to come.

'The Human Highlight Reel' only has two new songs, ‘Driveway’ and ‘Melanie, Video Games, and a Slight Fear of Flying’ both of which are as catchy as anything off 'Real Talk' with the latter being my personal favourite, with it’s massive chorus and energetic bridge, it really is a delight, while the re-recording of 'I Saw Behemoth and It Ruled' is great, it sounds bigger and better than before thanks to it’s slick production values and the little added extras.

While there is good, there is also bad, the new version of ‘I Ate My Gluestick’ doesn’t live up to the original in any way whatsoever and the cover of The Promise Rings' ‘Red Paint’ while putting their own stamp on the song, just isn’t as good.

The last six songs of the compilation are remastered tracks from their 2010 acoustic EP 'Noise From Upstairs' which in all honestly, really do impress massively with the standout track being ‘Dear You’ of which the last minute is some of my favourite music on the album, it’s emotional, atmospheric and brilliant, that and the original acoustic version of ‘Real Talk’ entitled on here as ‘Different People’ a song which sounds so different from the electric version that the only way you can tell is down to the lyrics, that being said it is incredible Zac Eisensteins vocals are suited to acoustic work so well, and it really is just a great listen in general.

All in all 'The Human Highlight Reel' is for fans new and old of Man Overboard, mixing the brand new with the very old, it gives a broad spectrum of their sound to date, it’s well worth picking up and I for one am seriously excited about the new album


'The Human Highlight Reel' by Man Overboard is out now on Run For Cover Records.

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Chris Marshman

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