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Album Review: Manchester Orcherstra - Simple Math

Every few years a band comes along who consistently produce superb after superb release with 'Simple Math', Manchester Orchestra solidify this statement as their third full-length sees the Atlanta band further cult-like legacy.

Unlike previous releases, the band open in a delicate yet warming manner in the form of 'Deer' which subtly stirs up with light instrumentation whilst Andy Hull's poignant words draw you. Understandably its not the passionate opener that fans have come a costumed to, but thankfully 'Mighty' wakes up the album with rough undertone, dramatic orchestral strings and an overall strong structure that is a stark reminder of what makes Manchester Orchestra so great.

'Pensacola' is one of the highlights of the record with its well-paced tempo, bright chorus and intriguing lyrics; “I'm tired of talking to a wall when I could talk to someone else. It's got seven days without a word. And you're with someone somewhere else”. Add to the mix a group sing-along backed by horns and an instantly favourable melody and you can see why its a stand out moment.

In relation, 'Virgin' is another stand out moment; dark, sombre and sees the band adding depth to their sound. Most notably a children's choir is used and adds to the haunting tone of the heavy track, one that is somewhat overwhelming.

The title track could be considered the peak of the record. With it's laid back tempo that builds to a glorious, superb conclusion that flows along beautifully. This is partially due to Hull's intimate vocals and smooth strings that adds a slick finishing touch to the track.

Towards the later stages of the record, the standard somewhat stars to decrease a little; 'Leave It Alone' are structurally similar to 'Simple Math'; a soft build up to a satisfying conclusion. Whilst it comes off well, in relation to other tracks here it doesn't have the same affect.

'Leaky Breaks' brings the album to a close it probably the most pleasing way possible; a slow and peaceful conclusion that draws you to the point where you are once reminded again why this band are so good.

Once again Manchester Orchestra have produced a carefully crafted, well-rounded album that challenges themselves, as well as expands their musical prowess and overall potential. From start to finish 'Simple Math' has your attention, as Andy Hull and company take you on a deep yet rewarding musical and lyrical journey. Simply brilliant.


'Simple Math' by Manchester Orchestra is available now on Columbia Records/Favorite Gentleman Records.

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