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Album Review: Mojo Fury - Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus

Flourishing out between short-lived wails of of a guitar backed by vicious drum fills. 'The Mann' opens up Belfast's own Mojo Fury's debut album 'Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus'. 'The Mann' manages to hit you so hard that you feel reluctant to listen to the next track incase it disappoints, it doesn't. 'Bones' features a synthesized backdrop crushed by some crunchy rock and roll guitars that give off a true AC/DC vibe and just when you feel as if everything has resolved, the track comes crashing back down during the chorus.

'Colour of the Bear' gives off a math-rock vibe that could be found on a Hold Your Horse Is song, the song really comes together full circle when the chorus hits and the sudden change in dynamic whilst this is paralleled in 'We Should Just Run Away' which is a glitchy synth based song which leads into a huge hook-laden chorus.

Straying away from their usual formula is 'What a Secret' which is a bustling crescendo which turns into one of the heaviest songs on the album. Personal highlight is 'Electric Sea' which shows a different side of the band, straying into completely different territory with a softer song. Michael Mormecha's vocals are a lot softer on this track and shows off his vocal range.

For a debut album, Mojo Fury present an impressive unique blend of indie rock alongside a backdrop of alternative/post-rock to the brim with catchy but passionate vocal hooks mixed in with a reinforced wall of sound.


'Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus' by Mojo Fury is released on May 9th through Graphite.

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George Gadd

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