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Hostage Calm Announce Japanese Discography Compilation Release

Hostage Calm have announced they will release a compilation called 'All of Hostage Calm' exclusively in Japan through Ice Grills Records on August 10th.

The release will cover the band's entire back catalog; last year's 'Hostage Calm' LP, their Run for Cover Single 7-inch, the 'Lens' LP and their demo.

1. A Mistrust Earned
2. Rebel Fatigues
3. Affidavit
4. Where the Waters Call Home
5. Ballots/Stones
6. Marine Transgressions
7. Young Professionals
8. Overstayed
9. Wither on the Vine
10.Victory Lap
11. Jerry Rumspringer
12. War on the Feeling
13. Donna Lee
14. War on a Feeling (Single Version)
15. In So Many Words…
16. Audible
17. Gaslighting
18. Nosebleed Section
19. (I’m Left with All These) Holes
20. Interchangeable Parts
21. 400,000
22. Lacuna (Where Certainty Sleep)
23. Shattering Mirrors
24. Grayscale
25. Pushing the Paradigm
26. One Face
27. Grayscale
28. 400,000
29. Weighed Down

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