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Mark Hoppus Explains Blink-182 US Tour Announcement to UK/European Fans

Mark Hoppus has released a statement to UK and European fans regarding the recent announcement of Blink-182's upcoming US tour with My Chemical Romance.

"Hello fellow humans in the UK and Europe. I understand your confusion and frustration at hearing the US tour announcement tonight. Here's what's up. This tour was booked ALONGSIDE the UK/European dates, a long time ago. We did NOT book the US tour after deciding to postpone the UK/European dates. The plan was to finish the album, tour the UK/Europe, and then come back for the US tour. We ran late on when we thought we'd finish the album, and unfortunately the time we needed made the first leg impossible.

Hopefully it's for the best, because some of the best work on the album is being done these past few weeks. Now there's a hard deadline for the album to be turned in, and it will be released during our US tour.

That's what's up. I get and share your anger at the postponement of the first leg of the tour. As we've said before, it wasn't a decision lightly made. At all. But don't think for a second that we decided to tour the US instead of the UK. It's not the case. For me personally, I can't wait to get back across the pond. With new songs and a new show.

And lastly, Chelsea Football Club rules. Those who disagree are just jealous, or something."

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