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New Man Overboard Interview

A new interview with Man Overboard's Wayne Wildrick, who discusses why he recently rejoined the band and more.

Wildreck said:

"Back in January Nik had contacted me, but I missed his call. I ran into some mutual friends of ours later that night and they informed me of some personal things Nik was dealing with and it hit me really hard. I called him and told him I would come by the next day. We hung out, caught up on life, and talked about the band. We cleared the air about what happened back in August and fortunately enough the rest of the band had similar feelings and were totally supportive of me coming back. I missed my friends those months that we were apart, it wasn't something that was considered but timing is everything and I had demons I had to face. I feel the chemistry is stronger than ever and we are having a lot of fun writing this new album."

The full interview can be read here.

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