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Scylla Records Announce The October Game/toodar Split EP

Scylla Records have announced The October Game and toodar will release a split EP called 'Flash Floods & Wildfire' in June.

The label has launched pre-order for the EP and fans can enter a raffle to win physical artwork from the release.

Fans who pre-order the EP will receive the tracks in MP3 format 2 weeks before the official release date of June 27th and a chance to win one of the very special one off artwork pieces of your choosing.

1) Flash Floods & Wildfire (The October Game & toodar)*
2) Boxing Underwater (The October Game)
3) Jack In A Box (toodar)*
4) Ten Paces (The October Game – originally by toodar)*
5) Woodrush (toodar – originally by The October Game)*

Further details can be found at

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