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Album Review: The Catharsis - God Damned EP

The Catharsis are a hardcore band you shouldn’t brush over, from the beginning of the opening track on their aptly titled – 'God Damned EP.' On ‘Deletist’ I can hear Minor Threat, Senses Fail, Gallows and other giants in the raw power of a sound that in their capable hands, screams out more innovative than ever before.

One thing that really stands out about this band is the efficiency of drummer Bev, whose incredibly flexible nature lends absolute power to this Birmingham brewed flood of hardcore. Just listen to ‘3.06’ and you will see for yourself just how competent this drummer is, coping with time changes I have seen many good drummers fall at, Bev seals the lid on this jar of monstrous rock shut as tightly as possible. However, the tour de force that is ‘Party Scars’ will blast you out of your comfort zone into an insane romp where you will be so full of energy that moshing will become mandatory.

Those with delicate ears need not listen; the assault that the Catharsis brutally instigates on your eardrums is laden with angst, powerful gang vocals, tight and compact guitar riffs and drums that are beaten like they’re the heads of chavs. In fact the raw force behind this band is so admirable that even my shockwave flash player crashed while trying to stream EP closer ‘Colder’, a track littered with cleverly unexpected riffs and the most sentiment you’ll get out of such a balls-out band as this.

I do not have a bad word to say about this band, their wall of sound pleases every inch of my musical taste buds (except the part that rather guiltily listens to Lady Gaga) and if you’re a fan of the genre I’m sure it’ll blow you away too. All the way from the impressive opening to the blood curdling cries of "god damned" when it closes.


'God Damned' EP by The Catharsis is released on July 11th.

The Catharsis on Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

Words by Edward Strickson.

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