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Album Review: Louder Than Bombs - This Can’t Be Everything

Kid Dynamite worshipping punk bands seem to be ten-a-penny these days and it takes a lot to really stand out from the crowd. Michigan’s Louder Than Bombs attempt to do just this on their sophomore release, ‘This Can’t Be Everything’. The EP’s five tracks proper are a significant progression from their debut, and offer plenty of energy and musical talent, if little that puts them heads and shoulders above their peers.

Louder Than Bombs don’t just follow a formula on ‘This Can’t Be Everything’ though, despite their sound-a-like comparisons. There is only one song on the whole EP that doesn’t show any unique flair and that is opening track ‘Frequent Liars’ which is largely Kid Dynamite by numbers. The benefit of this track being standard, is that the EP only gets better as it goes along.

‘Indian Giver’ is a tuneful improvement on the first track, while ‘King Of Pain’ is the EP’s best track. The guitar work is brilliant, offering up a non-cheesy solo towards the tracks climax and there is a good mix of gruff and cleaner vocals.

’Diligent For’ sounds like the bastard love child of zoo-haters Death Is Not Glamorous and Polar Bear Club, taking the energy of the former and mixing it with the melody of the later. The instrumental interlude that is ‘Ambassador’ is wonderfully atmospheric and is vaguely reminiscent of Crime In Stereo.

A guest appearance by Dave MacKinder on last track, ‘Cognitive Patterns’ makes for an interesting talking point, but doesn’t quite fulfil its potential. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why, but it’s just not as interesting, as one might expect.

Overall, Louder Than Bombs have shown with this release that they are a band that is on the move in the right direction. Though yet to fully hit their stride, it will be interesting to see where the band head next.


‘This Can’t Be Everything’ by Louder Than Bombs is available now through Either/Or Records.

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Dan Issitt

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