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Album Review: Temple Grounds - Temple Grounds EP

Temple Grounds, born from Linchpin (the band that was), give us their debut EP packaged up in sincere vocals and playful, yet delicate, melodies.

The EP kicks off with ‘Half Alive’ with its plucky guitar paired up with what has become to be known as the iconic sing-a-long chant that accompanies many other songs of this easy-listening rock genre. But don’t let the "whoa-ah-oh"’s put you off as it leads into the sublime and chilled ‘My Way Out’.

Standout track is undoubtedly ‘Sun and Rise’ which peaks and troughs through a plethora of torn emotion before we’re lifted right back up with the ever so lighter ‘Tear Down The Sky’ – an upbeat and uplifting offering that builds right up in tempo and takes you along with it for the ride.

‘Say It All’ sounds off the whole EP perfectly making you feel as if you’ve been on a bit of a musical journey through a man’s emotional mind. We had the ups and we had the downs all rounded up in a very appealing 6-track journey of heartfelt tenderness.

Each track on this EP is pleasing to the ears in the sense that they don’t offend and they certainly don’t let you down. The lyrics are ballad-like but carry strength and passion contrasting nicely over the mellow fluidity of each track. As each song starts up you initially think you’re being given much of the same that you’ve heard before but then each track gives you just that little bit more. Whether its words with that little bit more direction or a more memorable melody; Temple Grounds deliver that spark that’s needed to ignite.


'Temple Grounds EP' by Temple Grounds is available now.

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Fiona Hunter

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