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All Aboard Records Closes

All Aboard Records' Bob Cooper has announced he is closing the label due to other commitments. Cooper will be moving to Lancaster, PA later this year work at Pin-Up Recording.

A message from Cooper, can be viewed by clicking read more.

"From 2008 until now, I ran an independent record label called All Aboard Records, we released CDs by some amzing bands and I made some awesome friends along the way. However, after the Summer i’m gonna be moving to America to do a rad internship at Pin Up Recording so unfortunately I won’t be able to continue the label. All our releases will still be available from the bands’ Bigcartel stores and of course through iTunes and Spotify. Most of them have some awesome new stuff out soon.

Pharaohs’ new album Photosynthesis is up for pre-order now, it’s 8 tracks of awesome upbeat math-pop. Available here :

Maycomb are going to start recording their debut album with Frankie Torpey next month, the demos i’ve heard sound really cool - the track Sinking Feeling is on Youtube.

All Or Nothing are currently doing pre-production for their sophomore album, to be released through Transmission Recordings.

Out Like A Lion will be releasing their first EP real soon too, they have the new track You’re Bones up on their Facebook and some free tracks on their website.

Also, check out new stuff by Eager Teeth (ex - Chaos Days) and Joe Lewis (Ex Marks Set Go).

I’m not entirely sure what plans John Candy have, however Ant and George’s other band Futures will have their debut album out soon and it promises to be amazing

I want to thank the following people for helping me with everything to do with the label:

Holly Bray, Chaos Days, Marks Set Go, All Or Nothing, Pharaohs, Maycomb, Out Like A Lion, Rob Lynch, Sean Reid at Alter The Press, Tom/Paul at Punktastic, Dan Read, Basement, Tom Beck, Sam Little, Mark Orr, No Sleep Records, Tom George, Sophie Traynor, Kyoto Drive, We Don’t Dance To Love Songs, Frankie Torpey, Peter Miles, Wellerhill, Starters, They Came From Japan, Jamie Farrell and anyone who’s ever bought a CD and helped support awesome music."

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