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Live Review: Incubus - HMV Forum, London - 14/6/11

This show was labeled 'A Night with Incubus' which on its own was enough to get the expectations as high as possible for tonight. For a band that are often name dropped by twenty somethings as being a favourite band (even if they aren't anymore) this is most definately an intimate show and the many people rammed into this venue aren't really sure what exactly they are going to get...a night of classics? A night of new tracks? Only time will tell.

With no support it is time that the band have on their side, by 8:30pm the crowd are getting restless and shortly after the band finally make their way onto the stage to a huge roar of the fans.

The band kick straight in 'Megalomaniac' and you can immediately see that after arguably a few years where Incubus lost their mojo live, the band are back on form. Next up we get 'Wish You Were Here', and Brandon Boyd is working the stage with style, to the delight of the female fans in the crowd.

The next hour or so are like an Incubus fans' dream come true as the band run through what is undoubtably a greatest hits set, we get 'Pardon Me', 'Have You Ever', '11am', 'Consequence', 'Anna Molly', 'Circles' and 'Just a Phase'. Everyone in the room thinks all their christmas' have come at once. The band get more and more energetic on stage as the show goes on and this is a band that knows how to play live. Every member is an expert at what they do and Boyd's voice is stronger than ever, my only complaint is that some of the songs are lacking the heavier parts live tonight but its still a joy to watch.

Next we have a bizarre moment, a white curtain comes down behind the band, they play a delightful rendition of 'Adolesents', the first single from their new album 'If Not Now, When?', curtain goes back up. Most pointless stage prop ever? Possibly.

They then continue through hit after hit, including 'Drive', biggest sing along of the night 'I Miss You' and the beautiful new single 'Promises, Promises' which see's Mike Einziger giving up his guitar and playing piano. 'A Crow Left of the Murder' picks the pace up again before the band leave the stage with the fans inevitably screaming for more.

The band return to the stage before powering their way through classics 'Are You In?' and ending with 'Nice to Know You' to rapturous applause.

Incubus have taken an interesting tactic for promoting their new album by only including 2 news songs in their live set, but no one here tonight cares one little bit. This was an almost perfect greatest hits set, shame there was nothing of 'SCIENCE' but you can't have it all. Everyone streams out into the street gasping for air, having each lost their bodyweight in sweat, but the smiles are huge and everyone goes home very happy in the knowledge that Incubus aren't neglecting the songs that made them so special in the first place.


Matt Buck

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