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Live Review: MC Lars, Weerd Science, MC Chris, Akria The Don - Cherries Cafe, Bridgwater - 27/5/11

Sandwiched between Akira the Don and MC Lars was MC Chris on his first trip to the UK after MCing for a decade. Hopefully it won’t be his last. Having seen him play on the first night of the tour at Winchester it’s a relief to say tonight’s reception wasn’t indicative of the entire tour. Unfortunately tonight his nerdcore rap was perhaps a little over some of the kids’ heads and wasn’t as warm a welcome as most of the other shows. Songs like 'OMC', 'Nrrrd Grrrl' and 'Pizza Butt' had those familiar with his material participating in across-the-board robot dance and a sick remix of his signature ‘Star Wars’ tune, Fett’s Vette also went down a storm. He’s even Hoodie Ninja rocking TV viewers on Honda commercials over in the States, wider recognition is sure to set in. My only question is why can’t we have awesome artists feature on our adverts here?!

Before MC Chris, and opening the evening tonight, was East London’s very own Akira the Don - a welcome British addition to an All-American line up. Akira was backed up by DJ Jack Nimble on the decks and joined by MC Lars himself for 'Living in the Future'. Sing along song 'The Weed Song' was perhaps the best part of Akria’s set and did a great job of warming up a diverse crowd.

It’s just always fun to go see an MC Lars show because it just feels like one big party with a great upbeat atmosphere. Throughout this UK tour, MC Lars shared the stage by newest Horris Records signing Weerd Science and the set was peppered with Weerd Science tracks which flowed surprisingly seamlessly between MC Lars’ more recognisable songs.

A fantastic way to introduce Weerd Science’s immense talent through songs such as 'Conspiracy Theories' and future favourite; 'Clap if You Love Someone'. The also crowd respected his presence - but it’d be difficult not to when presented with that magnitude of talent. The set was filled with Lars classics like 'iGeneration', 'Ahab', 'Signing Emo' and 'Download This Song', but it was the more personal touch of 'Twenty-Three' that was the genuine highlight of the show. Throughout this emotional ode to Lars’ late college roommate I doubt there was a dry eye in the house.

Other peaks of the set included Lars being joined onstage by MC Chris for 'Roommate from Hell' and a guest from Akria the Don on 'White Kids Aren’t Hyphy'. MC Lars also showcased some songs from forthcoming record Lars Attacks including the title track, 'Venomous Box Jellyfish' and 'How To Be An Indie Rapper' featuring Weerd Science. If those songs are representative of the rest of the album, I’m seriously looking forward to it being out.

21 Concepts/Marion
How To Be An Indie Rapper
Lars Attacks
Signing Emo
Generic Crunk Rap
Clap If You <3 Someone - Weerd Science
Venomous Box Jellyfish
White Kids aren't Hyphy
Fuck You & Your Filthy A&R Department- Weerd Science
Download This Song
Voices on Prince St - Weerd Science
Conspiracy Theories - Weerd Science
Roomate From Hell (with MC Chris)
Mr Raven

Words by Chantelle 'Kiki' Goodchild

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