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Album Review: Relient K - K is for Karaoke

At 11 years, Relient K have seven albums, eight EPs and two Christmas Albums under their belt, lest to say it's been a prolific 11 years for them and performing a number of covers over their 11 year lifespan, it must have been hard them to choose which songs to cover. 'K is for Karaoke' is a collective of their favourites. Spanning three decades with their choice in songs from the 1980's hits 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' & Tom Petty's 'Here Comes My Girl' up until the present day with their take on Justin Bieber's 'Baby"', Relient K prove the diversity in the music that they listen to and add their own touch of pop-punk to make the songs sound like a cohesive effort.

Multi-talented Matt Thiessen's vocals really shine on the bands interpretation of 'Crazy' by Gnarls Barkley, a song that has been butchered by the likes of The Kooks and Maroon 5 but Thiessen's vocals are pitch perfect and the inclusion of guitars to the song really beefs it up from a soulful number to a rock and roll song.

Despite the pop-punk aesthetic of the record, Relient K don't really add their own touch to their cover of Weezer's 'Surf Wax America', the song is covered note for note but it's the three part harmonies during the bridge that really redeem the song. 'K is for Karaoke' isn't necessarily a cash-cow to attract the attention of new fans by performing songs they would have already heard (See: 'Punk Goes' Series), it's clear the band still release consistant albums and this is no exception.


'K is for Karaoke' by Relient K is available now on Mono Vs Stereo.

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