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ATP! Weekly Recommendations (July 8th, 2011)

This week's picks from the ATP! team include tracks from Spycatcher, Kevin Devine, The Story So Far, Fireworks, Pink Floyd, and more.

Sean Reid
Spycatcher - 'Remember Where You Were When Michael Jackson Died'
'Honesty' (Atticus)

Chris Marshman
The Story So Far - 'Daughters'
'Under Soil And Dirt' (Pure Noise Records/Hang Tight Records)

George Gadd
Kevin Devine & Morgan Kibby - 'I Used to Be Someone'
'Between the Conrete & Clouds' (Razor & Tie)

Connor O'Brien
Maybeshewill - 'Red Paper Lanterns'
'I Was There For A Moment, Then I Was Gone' (Function Records)

Liam McGarry
Pegasus Bridge - 'Yoko'
'While We're Young' (LAB Records)

Dan Issitt
Promise Me Tomorrow - 'You Haven't Seen The Best Of Me'
'You Haven't Seen The Best Of Me'

Nick Worpole
AM Taxi - 'The Mistake'
'We Don't Stand A Chance' (Virgin)

Matt Buck
Drive By Argument - 'The Sega Method'
'The Great Walk EP'

Sandeep Dawett
Weezer - 'El Scorcho'
'Pinkterton' (Polydor Group)

Emma Garland
Archimedes - 'Everloved'
'On Spirals'

Nick Robbins
Tellison - 'Get On'
'The Wages of Fear' (Naim Edge Records)

Garry Lee
Pavement - 'Major Leagues'
'Terror Twilight' (Matador Records)

Janay Kinney
Wilco - 'I Might'
'The Whole Love' (dBpm)

Edward Strickson
Pink Floyd - 'Welcome To The Machine'
'Wish You Were Here' ()

Brian Campbell
Staind - 'The Bottom'
'Transformers: Dark of the Moon Soundtrack' (Reprise Records)

Chantelle 'Kiki' Goodchild
Farse - 'Cigarettes Through Polystyrene'
' Boxing Clever' (Moonska)

Jade Grand-Scrutton
Fireworks - 'Teeth'
'Gospel' (Triple Crown Records)

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