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Interview: Breathe Carolina

Ahead of the release of their third album, 'Hell Is What You Make It' Alter The Press caught up with one half of rock-meets-electropop duo, Breathe Carolina.

Vocalist Kevin Evan spoke to ATP about their new album, performing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, their forthcoming 'Scream It Like You Mean It' US tour with Chiodos, I See Stars and more.

Alter The Press: To begin with could tell us who you are and your role in Breathe Carolina?
Breathe Carolina: Kyle Even - Singer (or "screamer") and light production.

ATP: 'Hell Is What You Make It' is your third album. How has the bands sound developed on this record?
BC: It's become more consistent - we know ourselves more, stylistically and personally, and that has made this album what it is.

ATP: How do you think fans, both new and old will react to the record?
BC: Anyone you ask this question to will say - hopefully good - but I think if you are a fan of our band you will be stoked to find us going back to our roots, as we've looked back on ourselves a lot while making this record. If you are new to our band I think you'll find a track you'd enjoy, whether you're into indie, metal, pop or techno - it's all there!

ATP: Is there any meaning behind the title, 'Hell Is What You Make It'?
BC: It's about the personal Hells we create and how we deal with them - you can dwell on the bad things or see the best in a bad situation.

ATP: How has the reaction been to the two songs you've released so far, 'Blackout' and 'Wooly'?
BC: We just hope our fans dig what we've done! We love the tracks so we aren't worried about how they'll sell or anything - we're just stoked to be heard!

ATP: You recently performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. How was that experience?
BC: It was great! Family and friends hangin'! Met Jimmy, saw Cedric The Entertainer! Solid trip.

ATP: How valuable is that level exposure to a band like Breathe Carolina?
BC: As MasterCard would say - "Priceless".

ATP: Later this month you head out on the 'Scream It Like You Mean It' Tour with Chiodos, I See Stars, The Color Morale, Tek-One and The Air I Breathe. What can fans expect from this tour?
ATP: Expect us to party our asses off! Haha!

ATP: How does the bands live show compared to on record?
BC: We're on stage performing, so this question would be better for our fans to answer!

ATP: What plans do you have after the 'Scream It Like You Mean It' tour?
BC: We have a lot in the works - but it will be definitely involve tour, tour and more tour. Check our twitter @breatheband for the latest
updates on our upcoming dates!

ATP: Is there anything you'd like to add to close the interview?
BC: Thank you to anyone reading this interview - I hope we'll get the chance to meet you in person and hope you'll get a chance to check out our new record 'Hell Is What You Make It.' Thanks again.

'Hell Is What You Make It' by Breathe Carolina is released on July 12th on Fearless Records.

Official Website
Breath Carolina on Facebook, Twitter, Purevolume, and Youtube.

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