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Tom Delonge Talks New Blink-182 Album + Reason Behind Hiatus

In a recent interview with BBC Radio One, Tom Delonge spoke about the reason why Blink-182 went on an indefinite hiatus in 2005.

Delonge stated the following:

"The band got so big that the machine running the band took over. We were burnt out, we needed a break, but the machine won't let you do that. The band had stopped communicating because the machine was so big."

When asked about the band's new album, 'Neighborhoods', Delonge commented with:

"The album's amazing. If you like our music, it's our best work by far. It's very modern, very relevant to rock music today, but we made sure to throw a couple of songs in there that sound like they're from the mid 90s. It's gigantic, it's made for big places."

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