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Album Review: MC Lars - Lars Attacks!

Let’s make one thing clear - if you’re expecting another 'This Gigantic Robot Kills' with it’s bouncy, happy-go-lucky songs look elsewhere. MC Lars’ latest release, 'Lars Attacks!', has a distinctly heavier, darker and more serious feel to it.

The record is still littered with the occasional lighthearted track, like 'Mike Russo Cut Your Hair' and the impossibly cute stand out track, 'Summer Camp Love'. After all, it’s these kind of songs that contribute to MC Lars’ signature sound; yet they’re few and far between. The second track, 'The Gospel of Hip Hop', (which features mighty KRS-One over a rocking Zebrahead sample) is the first indication of that and the songs just get heavier - both in concept and sound.

However, the track listing doesn’t seem to flow quite right and songs are perhaps best listened to individually. For example, the aforementioned 'Summer Camp Love' is swiftly followed by the much more sinister sounding 'Venomous Box Jellyfish' and the tongue-in-cheek 'Mike Russo Cut Your Hair' precedes 'Francis Bacon Slashed The Canvas' with it’s “Slash! Slash!” refrain.

'Lars Attacks!' comes hot on the heels of Lars’ free mixtape, 'Indie Rocket Science', which features a number of songs on the album (including single and title track, 'Lars Attacks!') so it’s difficult to refrain from comparing the two releases. The mixtape had some killer tracks which, arguably, would have been better placed on this record over some of the choices for 'Lars Attacks!'.

If you assess the record in isolation, it’s a good record- albeit slightly sporadic in it’s mood. There’s definitely some songs that translate well live (and already have - 'Lars Attacks!', 'How to Be An Indie Rapper') and there’s some songs that absolutely cannot be overlooked - take 'Judas Priest' for example - which explores the Gospel of Judas, from the perspective of Jesus’ disciple Judas Iscariot is thought-provoking, gripping, yet terrifying.

With 'Lars Attacks!', MC Lars has abandoned any prior frivolity and introduced weighty themes. In turn MC Lars has set himself on a much more solid career path. Dropping guests like KRS-One and Sage Francis only proves that MC Lars is on top of his game right now.


Chantelle 'Kiki' Goodchild.

'Lars Attacks!' is out September 6th.

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