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Album Review: Psychic Babble - My Own Stupid Mouth EP

Circa Survive's very own Colin Frangicetto has been sitting on Psychic Babble for the past 5 years. The songs themselves were put through an organic process, with no direct intention of release – with the writing process taking place around band commitments.

The Circa Survive guitarist has crafted various ideas throughout this period; all the while reshaping them, far from forcing anything, with an endeavor to get them to a point where each track took shape, and molded themselves into what is now Psychic Babble.

If you’re looking for souring metal riffs or a even simply a stripped down Circa Survive – which can always be the first thoughts that come to mind with a side project like this – then think again. Psychic Babble only demonstrates further the dynamics that Circa have brought to the table over the years, always unafraid of where they might end up. Colin Frangicetto in this 4 track free release - ‘My Own Stupid Mouth’ - has taken this experimentation further, with something completely different. ‘Five Fold Kiss (Don’t Sleep)’ introduces a quite dreamy, hazy soundscape in which Colin combines sprawling melodies and harmonies over layered guitars and subtle electronica – culminating in something quite pop-like in all the right places.

‘You Said It’ offers the guitars more of a lead role in this shoegaze rock tinged track. The creation of texture and multiple layers is brilliant and produces a richer sound, however Colin is never afraid to strip things right back to deliver a lo-fi, almost bedroom pop endeavor.

Third track ‘Samantha’ seems to draw influences from the hazy melodies of Band of Horses while clearly throwing a nod back to Jesus And Mary Chain, while ‘A Ride To The Country’ - in the same vein as this EP opener - seems to creep up on you, its slow almost whispered build captures the honesty of the vocal delivery and the sincerity and openness within the lyrics throughout this release.

Psychic Babble is a real introspective approach to creating music, the honesty is endearing and makes for a memorable release. Unsurprisingly coming from a member of a band that so boldly deal with personal issues and emotions through their music, a trait demonstrated to perfection by Colin Frangicetto, with all songs taking on real like situations and feelings which are almost instantly relatable.


Connor O’Brien

'My Own Stupid Mouth' can be downloaded for free here.

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