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ATP! Weekly Recommendations (August 12th, 2011)

This week's picks from the ATP! team include tracks from Candy Hearts, Saves The Day, Fireworks and more.

Jon Ableson
Good Enough by candyhearts
Candy Hearts - 'Good Enough'
'Everything's Amazing & Nobody's Happy'

Edward Strickson

Bad Religion - 'Skyscraper (acoustic)'
'New Maps Of Hell'

James Berclaz-Lewis

Canterbury - 'More Than Know'

George Gadd

Saves The Day - 'Living Without Love'

Matt Buck

Greg Holdan - 'The Art Of Falling'

Chantelle 'Kiki' Goodchild

Fireworks - 'Summer'

Emma Garland

Jay-Z & Kanye West - 'No Church in the Wild ft. Frank Ocean'
'Watch The Throne'

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