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Album Review: The Cab - Symphony Soldiers

The line between pop-punk and just pop has undoubtedly become finer as the genre has made its way into a more mainstream conscience. And The Cab's second full length offering would indeed be just as likely to sit on the shelves alongside Justin Timberlake as it would New Found Glory. 'Symphony Soldiers' has taken its sweet time to grace our ears. For fans of the Nevada 5-piece, the three year wait will be of minimal importance compared to the record Alexander DeLeon and co. have created. For everyone else, a couple of chirpy radio friendly tracks do little to disguise it's mundane and repetitive sound.

Opening twosome 'Angel With a Shotgun' and 'Temporary Bliss' initially provide some optimism, especially the latter which (despite some shudder inducing lyrics) rises and falls in all the right places whilst possessing a sound reminiscent of early Maroon 5. But beyond this promising beginning, only the sickly pop 'Intoxicated' had any real strength, with a great pace and easy on the ear sound. The problem though, is that even the better songs on the record are nothing that hasn't been done before, both musically and lyrically. Not much of an omen for the weaker songs on the album. 'Lovesick Fool' is a unnecessarily soppy Backstreet Boys-esque ballad that takes you from relative happiness to pining for a blanket and a tub of Ben & Jerry's in just over four minutes, whilst 'La La' is enough to send you ga ga and piano driven 'Endlessly' is a 90s pop ballad throwback that can't end soon enough.

Despite the record's obvious faults, there's no doubt that The Cab's progression toward the mainstream will only increase their popularity. Marketed the right way, this type of friendly guitar driven pop can garner a large and dedicated following, and with a list of co-writers including Bruno Mars to Pete Wentz, there would appear to be big plans for this band's future.


'Symphony Soldier' is out now.

Liam McGarry

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