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Album Review: Candy Hearts - Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

New Jersey's own indie/pop/rock quartet Candy Hearts return with their sophomore album: 'Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy,' an album that’s brimming with positivity and heavy on the hits.

Kicking things off with the infectious 'Tongue Tied', Mariel Loveland’s distinctive vocals take the spotlight almost immediately. It’s a theme that’s common throughout the album and that’s by no means a negative as it’s her cute vocal stylings that help make this album the success that it is.

The next eleven tracks that follow are best described as a "hipster kid’s wet dream", with 'Asbury Park', providing a massive highlight; a song that’s basically two and a half minutes of absolute joy, while 'Something Special', is just that - something really special; an electro/acoustic number that hits the scale between cutesy and substance at just the right point.

The hits don’t stop there either. 'Jawbreaker,' a tribute to friends and the band with a chorus so wonderfully lovely and 'While I’m With You,' a driving number with a sing-a-long value that’s second to none.

If you're thinking Candy Hearts are just another female led band that you’ve heard before, it’s time to quash that thought immediately as dismissing this band on that basis would just be a massive mistake. Candy Hearts are a band so different to what you’ve heard before, and if there’s any justice, 'Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy' will propel them to the next level from their dedicated cult following to a broader fan base.


'Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy' is out September 27th through Kind Of Like Records.

Chris Marshman

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