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EXCLUSIVE: ATP! Acoustic Covers Session (2011)

To celebrate our third birthday in style, we asked seven different bands to perform a cover song of their choice, for a very special feature, and this was the outcome:

The likes of A Rocket The Moon, VersaEmerge, Mixtapes, Veara, Hellogoodbye, I the Mighty and Living With Lions performing covers by Katy Perry, Ray Lamontagne, Riverhead, Foo Fighters, Decendents, Fall Out Boy and Archers Of Loaf.

A Rocket To The Moon - 'Jolene' (Ray Lamontagne)

VersaEmerge - 'E.T.' (Katy Perry)

Hellogoodbye - 'Bikeage' (Descendents)

I the Mighty - 'Nobody Puts My Baby In The Corner' (Fall Out Boy)

Veara - 'Big Me' (Foo Fighters)

Living With Lions - 'Web In Front' (Archers Of Loaf)

Mixtapes - 'Sleepless In St. Paul' (Riverhead)

Alter The Press!