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Album Review: We Are The In Crowd - Best Intentions

In a genre that’s so crowded, it takes something special to get yourselves noticed. What We Are The In Crowd have done is not only made a fantastic record but have released a record that’s up there with the best pop/rock releases this year.

'Best Intentions' opens up with the brilliant 'Rumor Mill' with Taylor Jardine’s vocals taking center stage intertwining effortlessly with those of guitarist Jordan Eckes. Both voices are so strong that even as individuals could hold their own on the record, when they’re combined it’s a winning formula that serve the band excellently.

We Are The In Crowd are far from a one hit wonder, as the rest of the album proves. 'The Worst Thing About Me' again has a wonderful chorus and 'All Or Nothing' does the pop/rock ballad with style, perhaps the biggest praise however is reserved for album closer 'Better Luck Next Time', it’s an energetic number that explodes into a massive chorus. In all honesty it’s a song that defines the album for what it is, a fantastically consistent effort that will propel the band to the front of the pop/rock scene.

The only negative that can be brought up is that there are a couple of songs that sound a bit similar and on an album that only has ten songs it tends to be a bit more noticeable, but thankfully it barely detracts away from the hits on the album, We Are The In Crowd have released a cracking record here and deserve all the plaudits that will come their way.


'Best Intentions' is out October 4th through Hopeless Records.

Chris Marshman

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