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Album Review: He Is We - Skip To The Good Part EP

Indie-pop group He Is We begin their 'Skip To The Good Part' EP ironically with their weakest track. The different colors of the distinctive vocal tones of Owl City and Rachel Taylor merge together as the first track commences choruses in a unique style accompanied by low-volume instrumentation and clapping hands in a manner that treads that line between acceptable levels of camp into a cheese inducing row of pink tents.

‘Our July In The Rain’ however, the second track on their ‘Skip to the Good Part’ EP, boasts a different appeal, its melancholy female vocal accompanied by a soft and simple piano melody may have been repeated many times before (Evanescence’s ‘My Immortal’ for instance) but not without reason; the dual wielding assault of melancholy often works a charm on the heartstrings of listeners, and while the track makes a good effort and replicating this desired effect, it lacks the oomph that is needed to bring power into the otherwise delicate poetry of the lyrics.

These delicately written lyrics however, are not repeated on the same level throughout the EP, and although Rachel Taylor’s vocals can carry themselves much better without the accompaniment of less-talented guests, the lyrics fall a little short in songs such as ‘Prove You Wrong’, despite the underlying potential.

On the other side of the coin however, the drum machine and synthesizer adaptation in the title-track are a welcome addition, and although they’re not utilized to the degree of potential showcased by Muse’s ‘Undisclosed Desires’ this shift in style really suits Rachel Taylor’s voice and forces out the best in her range of both pitch and style.

There is an underlying talent to the duo's recent effort, one that needs no guests to shine through, and perhaps in the future, we will see an even greater blossoming of this bud of potential joy.


Edward Strickson

'Skip To The Good Part' is out now.

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