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Album Review: The Narrative - Kickstarter EP

Suzie Zeldin and Jesse Gabriel of The Narrative have a past so strangely (and unbeknownst to them) interconnected that some might say that it was fate that brought them together to form the band. Their voices compliment each other in a way that warms portions of the heart that aren’t already feeling something strong from the quirky but quaint acoustic romp that makes tracks like ‘Hallelujah’ so likeable.

It’s hard not to relax to this band but bringing the tissues along is a must for the likes of ‘Make It Right’; a Suzie-led ballad that harks back to the likes of Evanescence’s ‘My Immortal’ in its cohesive mold of delicacy and power, emotion hiding behind a fragile wall, one that, if broken could release a tidal wave from what it’s holding back. The backing vocals and piano accompany Suzie into a realm that sucks in the listener and forces them to hang onto every word out of her succinctly speaking mouth.

The pair’s complementary tones comes to a head in the curiosity arousing chorus of ‘End All’, a song that borrows dance elements to enhance the power of the weepy but weighty acoustic monomers that make up this moving compound of a song.

When a record plays on personal weaknesses by playing dueling backing vocals like that it’s hard not to sing its praises, but they are praises that are truly deserved, wielding might that lesser elements would have found it hard to conceive.


Edward Strickson

Alter The Press!