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Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) Comments On Big Time Rush's Version Of "No Idea"

Alex Gaskarth has made a statement regarding Big Time Rush releasing their own version of All Time Low's 'No Idea'.

"Big Time Rush fans, in NO way did I intend to disrespect the guys. My explanation was rushed (teehee) and worded wrong in the final iteration of the interview.

To clarify, BTR’s reps asked to do a version of No Idea, which we were totally cool with, and that version of the song ended up on their newest record. (They even credited me. Aww.)

When I compared them to The Monkees, I was merely attempting to explain how and why they ended up with an alternate version of our song on their album in the first place— certain aspects of their band are determined by the powers over at Nickelodeon, and their TV show, which the band was formed around, (as was their music, respectively.) That’s just fact. No denying it.

However, what defines a “real band” is subjective, and taken out of context, my comment definitely came off as condescending, which was never my intention.

Those guys are homies, and they’re doing what they do very well— I certainly wasn’t tryna hate."

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