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ATP! Presents: Brittany Has An Appetite (December 21st, 2011)

Anyone who follows drummer Brittany Harrell (@brittanyharrell) of Georgia's pop-punk outfit, Veara on Twitter would know that her account is comprised of talk about WWE, music and things 99% food related. With that said, we invited Brittany to be a part of the Alter The Press team where each week, she will be writing a weekly blog talking about the best meals she has consumed and letting the world know about her love of food!
December 21st, 2011 (Cristina Deli - Queens, NY)

This past week my band Veara did some Holiday shows up North. We hit Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York.

You can always find something to eat in New York. The problem is trying to figure out what or where to eat because there are so many choices. On this Holiday run we played Long Island and stayed with one of our friends Devin. He lives in Queens, NY and recommended a great sandwich shop called "Cristina Deli".

At first I was whatever about the idea of a deli but then he described all the sandwiches they make. This one specific sandwich in particular caught my attention. It was called the "Heart Attack".

It's loaded with chicken cutlet, melted mozzarella, spicy French fries, onion rings, bacon, and special sauce.

I opted for the larger version of the sandwich, 'The Hero'.

This sandwich was great. I was thinking it was going to possibly have too much French fries, or too much sauce, etc. This was not the case. It was a perfect amount of all the ingredients. Nothing was over powering at all.

The special sauce reminded of a chipotle sauce a little bit. It had that kind of kick to it. It mixed great with all of the other ingredients to this sandwich.

If you're ever in Queens this place is definitely worth going to. They have tons of sandwiches to choose from.

Hopefully I'll make it back there again and maybe give one of the other sandwiches a try!

Visit Cristina Deli at:

12-37 150th Street,
Flushing, NY 11357

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