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ATP! Track By Track Exclusive: Diamond - "Don't Lose Your Cool"

In celebration of the Baltimore collective, Diamond releasing their new EP, 'Don’t Lose Your Cool', this week, drummer Brendan Yates was kind enough to write a track by track guide to the 7-track release!

If you haven't heard the record yet, you can download it for free here.

1. Sunburn

Based on a past situation, this song was written about an undefined relationship and being led on. No matter how hard you try to convince them, you always realize that you can't make something work with someone who doesn't feel the same.

2. Fix Of Mine

"Fix of Mine" is a love song. Confusion often leads people to think that they need to try someone new...but this song sings about always coming back to that one person who you need (like a drug) to feel something.

3. Fly Solo

Simply put, "Fly Solo" describes the freedom that you search for when you are at the end of a relationship. In relation to a personal situation, it describes the unhappiness and extreme hope to completely rid myself of the person who makes me feel a false sense of comfort.

4. Don't Lose Your Cool

With time comes new people, new relationships, new problems, and loss. Whether the unending change occurring in life is good or bad, you always need to stay the cool person that you are.

5. The Feeling

The feeling described in this song is unsatisfied and vulnerable. There are a lot of opportunities that come along that seem so great at the time...but if you dive in head first, suddenly leaving what you've always known in the dust, it is inevitable that an empty feeling will hit you. Don't change for anyone, and don't abandon the ones who have always loved you.

6. Keep Dreaming

This song describes the upper hand of a relationship and is based on multiple situations that I have experienced. There's nothing at all wrong with the girl: she's cool! But I can't bring myself to feel anything. Maybe I'm scarred from a past relationship.

7. Pleasantries

Being the final track on the record, "Pleasantries" sings about moving forward with someone. You can only play the touchy-feely friendship game for so long. Get the guts, and say what you both are too afraid to say!

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