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ATP! Track By Track Exclusive: He Is We - "Skip To The Good Part"

To celebrate the release of He Is We's stunning new EP, 'Skip To The Good Part', we're pleased to present a special track by track guide written by vocalist Rachel Taylor.

Rachel was kind enough to write this special guide, giving fans a real insight to the lyrics and meanings behind the band's new EP.

He Is We will be heading out on tour this Winter in support of, 'Skip To The Good Part' with The Cab and The Summer Set. Dates can be found here.

1) All About Us ft. Owl City

One of the perks of always being sick is having lots of free time. I was home alone and feeling down due to some failed relationships. My way of dealing with things is to write. I wanted to write a song that explained the way that I thought love should be. Even though I didn’t have the kind of love that I wanted, I wrote about it very hopefully. Picked up the guitar and allowed myself to open and write what was truly longed for on my heart. My song was made more alive by including Adam Young. It brought out exactly what I had felt the moment I wrote the words. It was such a blessing working with him.

2) Our July in the Rain

This song has been in the making for a couple years now. I broke the heart of someone who didn’t deserve it. The guilt was very intense for me. I had never hurt somebody like that before, still haven’t. I tried apologizing, I tried justifying why I did what I did, and nothing worked. I had absolutely no closure. I couldn’t find the right words to describe what was going through me. It was building up inside and so I sat on the piano and tried to get it all out. He doesn’t know I wrote it for him. Even to this day he doesn’t know. I wrote it to apologize for being the one who broke his heart and it expresses how things should have been handled much more different. But I was young and scared, so I did what I could to make things right. After a year and a half of writing and perfecting the feelings I wanted to express, I finally finished it. Closure has never felt so nice.

3) Tell Me

Losing faith in the future is one of the saddest ways of life. Realizing that someday you will have to explain yourself to the person that you love is a painful moment. The fear of disappointing and leaving them with lingering doubt about your past can overpower the natural way of things. I wrote this song as a prayer. It was my prayer that, even though I messed up and I hurt people, that there could be someone out there to love me. Someone would be out there to accept the person I am today. I was completely out of faith and I knew I needed some help. So I wrote it to better understand my pain and my need to be loved and understood unconditionally. I hope others can receive that message as well.

4) Skip To The Good Part

This song was written for my fiancé, who is now my husband, before our wedding day. While we were engaged, I was stuck on the road singing and dancing away. I could not wait to be his wife. I was getting so anxious and so very excited, but I couldn’t share that with anyone. No one wants to hear a girl go on and on about her fiancé…lame. So I decided to surprise him with a song to show him how thrilled and in love I was with him, even though I wasn’t there. The song expressed how I saw our wedding day going, the feelings I would have, and how in love I am and always will be.

5) Our July in the Rain (Acoustic)

With having such a raw and emotional background, this song needed to be stripped down. We figured that allowing it to be bare may give it a little more vulnerability. I like the idea of stripping songs so that I can hear the natural melodies and rhythms. I personally love acoustically stripped songs.

6) Prove You Wrong (Acoustic)

I am so happy to be explaining this song. This song was written with the guy I wrote “Our July in the Rain” in mind. After I broke up with him he started dating awful people who treated him like garbage. I would hear horror stories about these girls cheating and taking advantage of his sweet heart. It broke me to pieces knowing that someone who did nothing but love could be treated so viciously. I just wanted to pull him aside and shake him. I wanted so badly to tell him he deserves better than the girl I used to be and the girls that surround him now. But how could I tell him when he refused to listen to me? That’s all that ran through my mind. How? So I wrote a song for all those people that are out there watching someone they care about get beat up by romance. This is a song for the heroes that want so desperately to show the “good ones” how much better they truly deserve. The lyrics were not only for this particular boy, but for every guy and girl who has ever been taken advantage of and had that one friend who has loved them all along. This is a song for the solid few who want nothing more but than to love and care for the people who have broken hearts.

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